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I want to get past the survivor-ship bias in entrepreneurship . It’s important to share our failures, and to have an inside look at companies as they’re being built rather than only looking at companies after they’ve achieved success. That’s why I do this podcast.
— Jennifers Millspaugh, Founders of Fashion Host



This week Jennifer is sitting down with the executive team from Rank & Style. Founded in 2013, Rank & Style is the premiere upscale shopping platform that uses technology to provide trusted recommendations on fashion, beauty and lifestyle products to make shopping simple again. While todays guests didn't found the company they are using a brand redesign to take Rank & Style to the next level.

There is an overwhelming amount of options for consumers today in the fashion and beauty and lifestyle categories, but there is a limited amount of unbiased information to the consumer.
— Beth Zerdecki

Episode 6

This week Jennifer is sitting down with Maggie Louise Callahan. Maggie is building a true lifestyle brand in Austin, TX with her company, Maggie Louise Confections. Maggie's company says, "Our chocolate is more than a candy, it's a gifting experience." Callahan started her career as a corporate finance lawyer in New York City after attending Harvard Law School. Although she had success in her career, she yearned for something that allowed her to express her creative side. After moving to Austin, Texas, she attended Le Courdon Bleu and discovered a world of creative opportunities within the realm of chocolate. Maggie soon opened her storefront on Austin's E. 6th street and now her beautiful chocolates can be purchased around the country from speciality gift boutiques to department stores like Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus.

We are in the field of chocolate, but chocolate is essentially a sculptural medium that you can shape and color, tell a story with, create a mood, create a feeling, very similar to fashion.
— Maggie Louise Callahan


Episode 5

This week Jennifer is sitting down with Lisa Sikora and Liz Sikora Seither of Amberleaf. Amberleaf is a mother-daughter company that designs and produces Classic Clothing for the Modern Woman. Amberleaf believes that every woman is beautiful and that every woman deserves classic clothing that can be styled in a way to reflect her personal aesthetic. Non-generational, foundational, hand-made, beautiful clothing that will outlast trends and they believe will always be in style.

Part of what we’re trying to do is not mass produce, not create excess, so each time a customer orders something, our production team is making that dress, that coat, that blazer, specifically for them and then it is delivered to them 2-3 weeks later.
— Liz Sikora Seither


Episode 4

This week Jennifer is sitting down with Musa Ato of League of Rebels. League of Rebels is an Austin-based menswear brand established in 2009 from a strong passion for fine tailoring. For a decade League of Rebels has stood for style with both purpose and functionality, tailoring for ladies and gentlemen alike, for whom true style is not only about the confidence to be themselves, but also the integrity of the cloth from which their garment is produced.

“I realize now in the retail business—it’s not just branding or marketing—you have to figure out that business properly and how to run it.”
— Musa Ato


Episode 3

Founders of Fashion this week is guest hosted by Ross Bennett, Ryan Francis, and Dan Dillard. The three of them are sitting down with founder of HELM Boots, Joshua Bingaman. They talk about his origin story, what inspires the brand, and how making connections along the way is the key to success.

But I love people, and I love the community aspect of it... that always drives me where the people are at the core of it, and my businesses are kinda just conduits to hanging out.
— Joshua Bingaman


Episode 2

Jennifer is sitting down this week with designer and founder of SUAVS, Monxi Garza. Monxi was working in Spain when she realized that her shoes were not cutting it when it came to her walking commute. She saw that most of her problems stemmed from the outdated construction of footwear. This led her to design a better shoe with a modern approach. SUAVS launched in Austin, TX with the goal of creating the most comfortable and versatile shoes for busy people on the go.

I started thinking of this idea—a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear anywhere.
— Monxi Garza


Episode 1

Jennifer is sitting down this week with founder and CEO of Penny Luck shoes, Brian Munoz. Penny Luck is an Austin, TX based men's shoe line that all started when Brian was a bit down on his luck. With a robust online presence and two retails locations in Austin and Houston, Brian has his eye set on smart expansion.

The one thing I was missing was luck cause I did not get my break. I put in the work, I took the risk, but luck wasn’t on my side. So I wanted to incorporate the American staple of luck—the penny—and create this shoe for the American dream chaser.
— Brian Munoz


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